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“Come on darling, KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN!!”

“Come on darling, KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN!!”

Hi Bruce, 

The lesson on tuesday it was a real eye opener! brilliant that i can compare my swing summary next to your swing.. i noticed how my head stays down ALOT longer than yours even long after the ball has gone?!? 

There are many great golfers who ‘bury’ their head long after impact. for example Lee Westwood and many others. On the other hand there is Annika Sorenstam (72 Tour victories, 10 major victories aka the best lady golfer that ever walked the planet)…

Annika front on

so why is this so?.. Annika’s swing leading into impact has angles that does not require her to stay buried with her head. the clubface is squaring itself up, so she can turn onto impact. Other successful golfers have different approaching angles of the club, with the head staying behind or not turned to help bring the clubhead into a square impact position.

We always hear husbands or partners stressing to the other, “keep your head down!”. If you are starting out in the game, there is no need to waste your concerntration with this information. The head down or back look of great golfers is only part of their moves that balance with other angles. So if you are new to the game and have little instructional influence at this time then stay away from the head down philosophy.

If on the other hand you have been in the game for a while and know you have this buried look then to improve your golf requires an understanding of your moves which causes you to have to have this look.

The action of a good tennis player (a sport whereby someone is hitting a ball with a bat from a side on postion hint hint!) does not have outstanding look of watching the ball at impact. Therefore do not try to incorporate unnatural moves in your golf swing.

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