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What is turn? Which direction?..

What is turn? Which direction?..

“Bruce I’ve been looking on Youtube at the current batch of pros Rose, Scott, Mcilroy etc and to my untrained eye they all seem to making a massive shoulder turn?.”

For those golfers that have at least 6 months experience of watching golf, reading golf instruction or maybe taken advice from golf pro’s, one of the most common, described as ‘fundamental’ movements is to turn. The next time you watch your mates or golf on tv, just take a second to see how many different looking turns you see! So from a seemidly unassuming word comes many different takes. This is an example of misusing a word. In this case when we talk about ‘turn’ we need to be clear of its definition…
“to cause to move around an axis/centre to rotate”

Much golf instruction over the years tells us to shift our ‘weight’ and also turn whilst we do this. So already this clashes with our turn definition which is ‘around an axis’. Therefore the swing with shift and turn will now have its complications usually becoming most apparent through impact. Is it wrong to shift and turn? only if you happy with your ball flights and their consistency. If and When you lose the shift your turn will feel like much less motion. It will feel like your are not turning. Lots of golfers start their swings with shift and too much early turn.

If you are trying to change your technique to hit it better would you try and swing like Jim Furyk for example? (Former FedEx Champion) Probably not, it looks difficult and complicated to do (btw he is super talented) In which case you should look to swing with the most economical moves to create repetition.

Below are some successful golfers with their own sets of moves. These moves are accurately balanced. I think its fair to say they were never bad golfers at any stage of their golfing lives.


Justin Rose, for example, i played with when we were both 14 and he shot a couple of 66’s in a junior championship which won the event by healthy 12 shots.

Do you NEED to shift? I do not think so..

What are you trying to achieve in a golf shot? Obviously to get the ball moving and fast

What gives the ball speed? the clubhead

Therefore aim to create clubhead speed. Aim to Turn the club around your body not turn your body with the club following.

oh p.s if you do go after the big ‘complete’ shoulder turn your going to encourage a bad lower back at some point, like many* many* many* others (*emphasis on this word!))

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