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The golfer you are and the golfer you aspire to be?

The golfer you are and the golfer you aspire to be?

What’s the difference between the golfer you are and the golfer you aspire to be?

Ability – Practice – Flexibility – Genes – Skill – Time – Course Management – Patience?

The answer in some respects, is all of the above and more. However, the biggest difference is how bad you are when you are bad!

Let me explain…. Do you spend hours on the range trying to hit that one shot further than you’ve ever hit it before or the shot that was so sweet you barely felt it strike the clubface?

Every golfer wants 3 things from the ball; Long, Straight and High. That’s it! Now it doesn’t sound like much to ask for, but golfers become obsessed with the strike and forget about the score. If you think about it, a shot travelling straight and the right distance is on the green, whereas a shot going high and off target or high and the wrong distance will never find the putting surface.

Working on the correct technique will ultimately reduce the severity of your bad shots and thus improve your scoring. FACT: Everybody hits bad shots! it’s what makes the game so great and sometimes rewarding. Beginners bad shots are usually air shots or severely lacking distance, intermediate level golfers still hit the ball okay but lack accuracy and therefore miss fairways and greens, potentially leading to out of bounds, top level golfers hit bad shots which generally end up in a greenside bunker, this will still allow them the opportunity to make up and down to save par.

If you want to take your game to the next level… then go and see a Professional Coach! The wintertime is a perfect opportunity to find your swing and work on it ready for the new season, I know it’s cold and wet and your course might be shut, but waiting until the weather improves is a missed opportunity, you only manage to find your swing in July just before the weather turns again in October!!!

For golfers that have already had tuition and are trying to make sure they are practicing the correct technique then I have 2 Assisted Practice Groups per week… Saturdays at 2pm and Mondays at 1pm, register your interest with me and you will receive a weekly text message letting you know the themes for each session…. i.e. Driving, Iron play, Approach shots, Chipping, Putting, Sand Bunkers, Pitching and sometimes a 9-hole playing lesson. These sessions are £10 (includes range balls) or £15 for the 2 hour on-course lesson.

If you would prefer to have individual lessons then I have some special offers below.

30 minutes £28     60 minutes £45    9 hole playing lesson £65 

Bronze Package 4 x 30-minute lessons £99

Silver Package 5 x 60-minute lessons £199

Gold Package 6 x 60-minute lessons plus a 9-hole playing lesson £299

Short Game Wizard 4 x 60-minute lessons plus a 9-hole playing lesson £199

Purchase any package before Christmas and get 2 Assisted Practice Sessions FREE OF CHARGE

Gift Vouchers available for all packages.

For an extra special treat why not consider going on one of my overseas coaching trips?

Trips planned to Morocco (November 2019), Turkey (March 2020) and future trips planned for South Africa (September 2020) and Florida (2021)

My contact Details are

Graeme Crompton (PGA Professional)

07977912648       email:

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