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Is the Driving Range open to the general public? 

Yes! We do not have any members (unlike a Golf Club). We welcome families, beginners and improvers to use our facilities such as the Driving Range and Golf Course.

Do I need to book a bay for the Driving Range?

There is NO booking for the driving range. It is very rare that all driving range bays are occupied. If this is the case then you will only be waiting 5 or so minutes.

What times are the Driving Range open?

The Driving Range is open every day!! – Apart from Christmas Day. The opening times are as follows..
Mondays 9am – 10pm*        *(last bucket puchased 9.30pm)
Tuesdays 9am – 10pm*        *(last bucket puchased 9.30pm)
Wednesdays 9am – 10pm*        *(last bucket puchased 9.30pm)
Thursdays 9am – 10pm*        *(last bucket puchased 9.30pm)
Fridays 9am – 9pm*        *(last bucket puchased 8.30pm)
Saturdays 9am – 8pm*        *(last bucket puchased 7.30pm)
Sundays 9am – 8pm*        *(last bucket puchased 7.30pm)

Can I hire clubs for the Driving Range?

Yes we hire out single clubs for the Driving Range. £2.50 for an adult Driver.. £2 for any other adult club. For Under 16’s club hire is £1.

What is the dress code for the Driving Range?

Nothing special! Jeans / shorts / trainers are allowed.

Are children allowed on the Driving Range unaccompanied?

We advise parental supervision for those under 13 years old.

Open Whatever the Weather!!!!

One of the biggest Ranges in the South..

The Burgess Hill Golf Centre has a 28 Bay Driving Range with covered and uncovered mats to  practice from. The use of Drivers are permitted as the Range is approximately 300 yards.  One of our bays is double sized and used for our Custom Fitting with our FlightScope Ball Tracking Radar. There is no booking system for the driving range, just simply turn up, purchase your buckets of balls from the Golf Shop and get your balls on the range. simples..

Automatic Tees!

Practice at Night!

Quality Range Balls

Range Opening Times

Monday 9am – 9.30pm*

Tuesday 9am – 9.30pm*

Wednesday 9am – 9.30pm*

Thursday 9am – 9.30pm*

Friday 9am – 8.30pm*

Saturday 8am – 7.30pm*

Sunday 8am – 7.30pm*

Bank Holidays 8am – 7.30pm*


Driving Range Prices

50 Balls    –    £5.40

100 Balls    –    £10.00

Bronze Range Card – £25.00

Silver Range Card – £50.00

Gold Range Card – £75.00

Platinum Range Card – £100.00

Adult Club Hire – £2

Under 16 Club Hire – £1

Buy Range Card Credit Here Online >

The prices of a 50 ball bucket / 100 ball bucket are the same but we have replaced tokens with barcode receipts that you simply buy in the shop and scan at the ball dispensers. We also now offer you a reduced rate by introducing three levels of RANGE CARDS.

Bronze Level Range Card. Load £25.00 onto a range card and vend at £4.50 instead of £5.40 with an overall Saving of  £4.97
Silver Level Range Card.  Load £50 onto a range card and vend at £4.25 instead of £5.40 with an overall   Saving of £13.50
Gold Level Range Card.  Load £75 onto a range card and vent at £4.00 instead of £5.40 with an overall Saving of £26.25
Platinum Level Range Card. Load £100 onto a range card and vent at £3.75 instead of £5.40 with an overall Saving of £43.96

-To continue with the same level of Discount when your credits are finished you need to top up with a minimum of the initial price.

-New membership cards replace ‘bonus cards’
-Do not throw away / lose your membership card £2 charge to replace your card!
-We require your contact details incase we have found your lost or stolen card and to insure you do not lose your credits!

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