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Four Ways to Improve your Golf this Winter! – Jon Deare

Four Ways to Improve your Golf this Winter! – Jon Deare

4 Ways to improve your GOLF this Winter?

Structured Practice sessions  

  • Hitting the ball to different targets – using wedges, mid irons, driver!!!
  • Working on specific targets/goals – working on a swing drill but being specific with it. Make sure you do it correctly, spend the time getting it right.
  • Just bashing balls won’t get you better!!!!!!!

Short game variety

The quickest way to improve your scores is by improving your short game” Jordan Speith, Maters Champion

  • Putting – Use games and drills to improve your accuracy and distance control, record how many putts you hole and see if you can improve the next session!!!
  • Chipping – Use all your clubs!!! So many players just grab the Pitching/Sand wedge. Try chipping with an 8/9 iron. See what happens!!!
  • Pitching – Pitch from different distances. 30/40/50 yards. Work out where your weaknesses are then work on those specific distances!

Take advantage of the dry weather, when it is dry spend as much time outside, when it is raining you can stand on the range under cover



Improve weak shots that you could not hit from last season

If there is a shot that you could not hit the previous season and you want to be able to hit it next season then learn how to play the shot, improving these weakness will lead to lower scores in the future. Make your weaknesses your strengths

Equipment is Correct

  • Lie Angles – if you hit a lot of balls off a mat the clubs lie angles could have changed 1 or 2 degrees. A 1 Degree lie angle change can lead to the ball starting 5 yards off your intended target line. Get them checked
  • Grips- over a seasons grips will become worn which leads to a decrease in control. Make sure your grips are the correct size for your hands as this is the only of your body the club has contact with
  • Check your equipment is still correct for you, are you using the correct clubs? YOU COULD HIT IT LONGER


Get a lesson from a PGA Pro to check progress.

Why to get a lesson from a PGA pro? A lesson with a PGA Pro like myself will help you to understand where the strengths and weaknesses in you golf swing come from. We will use the latest technology in video analysis and ball tracking equipment to help you make the necessary changes to your swing in order to play better golf. This will lead to more enjoyment and lower scores next season.  Come and understand how to unlock your golfing potential!


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