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Chip it Close – Pga Pro Jonny Elliott

Chip it Close – Pga Pro Jonny Elliott

A common thing for golfers to do when they miss the green is to choose the lob wedge. However a very reliable shot to have in the bag is a ‘bump and run’ shot with a less lofted club such as an 8 or 7 iron.

The ‘bump and run’ shot with an 8 or 7 iron is a good shot for golfers to have because it only requires a shorter swing and the ball lands on the ground quicker. When golfers use lofted clubs such as a Lob Wedge, they have to have longer swings which can potentially create more destructive shots.

Regarding the set up and swing action, it is important that the ball position is not forward infront of the hands and also that you do not deloft the club on the backswing. JonnyElliottPGAProfessionalChipping

Instead try to position the ball back in your stance with hands forward and try to maintain hands forward though the hit to guarantee a clean strike!

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