Jonny Elliott

Fully Qualified P.G.A Professional

BSc (Hons)

2017 Europro Tour Member and

2014 Riseborough Champion

My Teaching Philosophy..

Studying for my Sports Science degree and P.G.A qualification, along with three years as a golf coach, have helped me develop a straightforward coaching philosophy. I believe that golf coaching should be fun and simple.

Every golfer who plays the game wants to enjoy it, so I believe that it is important to incorporate fun into my coaching.

Golf is difficult enough already, and I have found that with straightforward communication and simple coaching techniques I can bring great results.


Tuesday 10:00-11:00. £10 per person


Available with Video V1 Capture / Short Game / On Course Tuition

For further information please contact me:

Email – [email protected]

Mobile No – 07808810813


Jonny’s coaching sessions are very friendly and positive. He builds on the learner’s existing practice, amending and developing, always quick to praise and encourage progress. He demonstrates great patience when a skill or technique is not initially understood or emulated. His explanations are simple and straightforward; he does not relapse into jargon, but rather finds another way to get his message across. Jonny’s sessions were never rushed or pressurised, he had plenty of time and, as such, he created a good learning environment.

After a coaching session, there was always a follow-up email with a couple of pointers as to improvements achieved or to be worked on, and he would finish off with positive encouragement for the learner. In a field where frustration, especially for the new golfer, is so high, Jonny’s positiveness and encouragement are vital to keep the novice on course. He was always able to find some positive aspect without losing credibility. He could have passed the courses that I had taught (PGCE and Certificate in Education) with flying colours.

In conversations with friends who have much lower handicaps we were in agreement as to the effectiveness of Jonny’s coaching – he has the skill and capacity to teach a whole range of abilities.

Jonathan Pugh MA, MSc, MA, BSc, Cert Ed