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The Right Hand Position

The Right Hand Position

Still reeling and enthused after the lesson. Hit some good shots with the Seven iron, played around with the lift of the club, was interesting to see how much can be achieved with effective grip change (much like tennis) I am going to apply the thinking by playing a par three with only a couple of clubs!’
One question  relating to the take back – on my lower hand (right) where should my finger nails be facing or at a 45 degree angle opposing side??


Hi Paul,
your thumb on your right hand should be on the left side of the top of the shaft (as the golfer looks at it). your index finger should support the adjacent side of the grip. this will create a v shape. NB the fleshy part of your thumb should be incontact with the grip in comparison to over hanging off the grip. neither your thumb or your index finger should look predominantly longer than one another.

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