The Burgess Hill Golf Centre

“Come on darling, KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN!!”

Hi Bruce,  The lesson on tuesday it was a real eye opener! brilliant that i can compare my swing summary next to your swing.. i noticed how my head stays down ALOT longer than yours even long after the ball has gone?!?  There are many great golfers who ‘bury’ their head long after impact. for […]

What is turn? Which direction?..

“Bruce I’ve been looking on Youtube at the current batch of pros Rose, Scott, Mcilroy etc and to my untrained eye they all seem to making a massive shoulder turn?.” For those golfers that have at least 6 months experience of watching golf, reading golf instruction or maybe taken advice from golf pro’s, one of […]

The Wrist Hinge Myth

To complete a ¾ back swing from here should I be just cocking my wrists so as to limit too much shoulder turn? Hi David, Firstly i think its important to define what people think is ‘cocking the wrists’ or ‘hinging the wrists’. From this image if i decreased this red angle (ie make the […]

The Right Hand Position

Bruce Still reeling and enthused after the lesson. Hit some good shots with the Seven iron, played around with the lift of the club, was interesting to see how much can be achieved with effective grip change (much like tennis) I am going to apply the thinking by playing a par three with only a […]