Chip & Run with PGA Pro Graeme Crompton

Written by Burgess Hill Teaching Pro Graeme Crompton >

Having coached for over 32 years I have helped many golfers with their shots from around the greens and one observation of this is that too many of them try to play a fancy, lofted shot, when there is nothing wrong with rolling it along the floor with a putter.
I make the analogy with athletics. Running is easier than Hurdling, which in turn is easier than the High Jump.

When eying ...

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Bunker Tips from PGA Pro Graeme Crompton

Love them or hate them, they are part of the game, I am a self-confessed Sand Specialist, I simply love the challenge of getting the ball up and down or holing out from the sand.
Having coached for over 32 years I have helped many golfers with their shots from the sand and see the same old mistakes made time and time again!

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Need New Grips in 2018? ..

Time for new grips?.. Many golfers continue to play with hard, worn out, old grips that can make you grip extra tight and cause poor swings. You will also lose feel in your shots causing a lack of distance control. At Burgess Hill Golf Shop you can choose from over 100 different grips!!!! Options range from different manufacturers / sizes / shapes / materials and style.

‘Family Time’ Strikes Again!


After ‘the dust settled’ on our last Family Day, we realised just how good it was! Many families turned up on the Sunday in November and had a great time playing the fun Putting games and other activities.. As a parent myself I know how difficult it is to come up with new things to do with my children but this golf day out was a real ...

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Fast Start in 2018 for Pro Jon Deare!

Burgess Hill Golf Professional Jon Deare made a strong start to the season with a top 4 finish in the SPGU Overseas Pro Am in Portugal. 

Steady rounds of 73, 71, 74, 73 certified his 4th place finish in a strong field of 22 Professionals including Alps Tour Winner James Sharp and Europro Player Paul Nessling.

“In between my teaching at the Golf Centre, I have been working hard on my game in preparation for this Overseas Pro Am. I’m very pleased ...

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Family Time at Burgess Hill Golf Centre!

Mums, Dads, Kids, Grannies and Grandads are all welcome to join in our Family Fun morning Sunday 19th November 2017. Tea/Coffee on arrival followed by awesome Putting challenges (lets see if mum really is good at everything!)… Then a family Golf Lesson with a PGA Professional and 3 Holes on our Par 3 Course!!!! – A much better way to spend a Sunday morning compared everyone watching a repeat of X Factor….

We welcome golfers and non golfers to ‘have a ...

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Chip it Close – Pga Pro Jonny Elliott

A common thing for golfers to do when they miss the green is to choose the lob wedge. However a very reliable shot to have in the bag is a ‘bump and run’ shot with a less lofted club such as an 8 or 7 iron.

The ‘bump and run’ shot with an 8 or 7 iron is a good shot for golfers to have because it only requires a shorter swing and the ball lands on the ground quicker. When ...

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Fitzgerald First at Farnham

England (South) Region PGA

18 Apr 17

Burgess Hill’s Ryan Fitzgerald, the current PGA South Assistants & Trainees champion, shot a flawless five-under-par 67 around Farnham to win Titleist & FootJoy A&T BetterBall Pro-Am by two strokes and notch up his first victory of 2017.

The event marks the finale of the 2016-2017 Titleist & FootJoy PGA South Winter Series, and the third time the Battle Bowl has been fought for by the region’s PGA Assistants and Trainees. As ...

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Struggling with an ‘over the top’ move?

The over the top move.. As familiar to the human race as the common cold…

Many pupils tell me that they understand the ‘basics’ or the ‘fundamentals’ of the game. But if you understood the REAL fundaments of the game that I believe and teach, you will understand where the over the top move comes from and how to fix it.

It really isnt rocket science!


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Go to PGA Professional Bruce Whalley’s ...

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