The Burgess Hill Golf Centre

The Driving Range

In the Golf Shop you pay to receive a paper barcode (£6.50 for a 50 ball barcode or £12 for a 100 ball barcode) Then scan the barcode once on the Driving Range and whack away! – You do not pay for an amount of time and bays are not reserved.

Monday – Thursday 9am-9.30pm (Yes this late because it is floodlit!)

Fridays 9am – 8.30pm

Saturday/Sunday and Bank Hols 8am – 7.30pm

The only day the Range is closed is Christmas Day!

Yes! We do not have any members (unlike a Golf Club). We welcome families, beginners and improvers to use our facilities such as the Driving Range and Golf Course.

There is NO booking for the driving range. It is very rare that all driving range bays are occupied. If this is the case then you will only be waiting 5 or so minutes.

Yes we hire out single clubs for the Driving Range. £3.00 for an adult Driver.. £2.50 for any other adult club. For Under 16’s club hire is £1.50

Nothing special! Jeans / shorts / trainers are allowed.

Yes! The Driving Range is a fun activity for ages 3 plus. We advise parental supervision for those under 13 years old.

We strongly advise you to not bring your baby onto the Driving Range because the general public are swinging metal clubs and something dangerous can happen if someone you do not know suddenly acts irresponsibly.

Yes you can but it must be on a lead and not let loose.

Absolutely. Just be careful that you do not swing near each other because a club in the face limits the fun.

Time flies when you’re having fun! Maybe 20 mins for 50 balls, 35 mins for 100 balls. 

No. The Driving Range balls must stay on the Driving range only. They are the property of the Centre and thieves will be prosecuted.

Yes always! The bays are under cover so you will not get wet!

Our Range is long enough for the big hitters with Drivers!

Just wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. Trainers are better than smart shoes because you need a bit of grip. Ladies – high heels are not a good idea! – The game is hard enough.

A golf glove helps a golfer to keep a good connection to the club during the swing. It is not compulsory but if you think it will help you can buy one in the Golf Shop!  

No. The business/facility is only sustainable if customers pay for a bucket of balls. Also it is dangerous as balls are being hit by other golfers. Anyone found collecting balls from in front of the bays will be asked to leave.

Our 9 Hole Short Golf Course

Our 9 Hole Course is….

£16 an Adult.

£14.50 for Over 65’s

£13.50 for under 16’s. 

Bulk buy 5 or 10 rounds for a cheaper rate. (See COURSE tab)

We do not have a tee booking system for our 9 Hole Course. Just turn up. It is rare that you will have to wait more than 5 minutes to tee off.

Sorry no bookings are taken for the Course no matter what size of your party.

The course is open 9am during the week and 8am at bank holidays and weekends. Last tee off 2 hours before the Driving Range Closing Time.

Only Christmas Day.

Yes. A half set of clubs are £6 to hire. Every player must have their own clubs and a bag.

No. We are very strict about this. Every player must be carrying their own bag and clubs. This is because this is what you do when you play golf! Plus we need to identify who is playing our course and who is not. If you would like to play our course and do not have a bag and clubs, we hire a half set for £6. – Please do not ruin your own day (or ours) by thinking you can ignore this rule of our course : )

Beginners might take 2hrs 30 mins whereas an improver/experienced golfer might take 1hr 30 mins.

The longest hole is the 6th hole which is 193 yards. The shortest hole is the 8th hole which is 97 yards.

You can take as little or as many clubs as you like but all golfers must have their own golf bag , one club and putter.

Sorry, once again every player of the course must carry a golf bag, a club and a putter at least. (We do hire child sets as well as adult sets)

No. If the course is busy or not, we are very strict that you cannot play as a 5 (or more) on our course. The game of golf is played in 1’s, 2’s 3’s or 4’s. If anyone tries to play as a 5 you are potentially ruining the game for other golfers on the course. As we are very strict on this, we will ban you from playing our course if you attempt to do so.

Even at the busiest of times you will only have to wait 15-20 mins to tee off. However this is rare and most of the time there is no wait time. The quietest times are weekdays between 12pm and 4pm.

Yes we rent pull trollies for £3.00. We do not have electric trollies or golf buggies.

We recommend golf shoes but it is your own choice. Golf shoes are recommended because they give you more grip when swinging the club and to prevent slipping on slopes. Also Be aware your feet might get wet if you wear trainers or non water proof shoes, because of wet grass. 

We recommend a beginner takes 10 balls with him/her to play 9 holes. If you are “ok” then maybe 6 or 7. You can buy single balls in the Golf Shop for £1.50 each or packs of Srixon/Titleist balls.

No dogs allowed on the Course.

No. Babies do not fair well being hit by golf balls.. Go to the park instead!

We do not allow spectators on the Golf Course. (We did use to allow spectators but way too many people abused this and played for free).

  1. Shout ‘FORE’ if you hit a ball and it is heading towards another golfer.
  2. Do not scream and shout because you will ruin other golfers round.
  3. Carry (or trolley) your own bag and clubs.
  4. Attach your greenfee tag (proof of payment) CLEARLY to your bag for the Marshal to see.
  5. Rake bunkers after use.
  6. Do not put your bag or trolley onto the tees or greens.

Yes you are but we strongly recommend you have a practice session sometime before you have a go. A lesson from our Professional Coaches on the Range or Course is also a good idea. Generally speaking if you can, most of the time, connect (hit) the ball forward you are welcome to play the course. If you do decide to play the course you need to keep moving forward but if you are holding up groups of golfers behind you then wave to them to play through.

We not not have members. Our Course is open purely to the general public. You can buy 5 or 10 rounds in bulk but no annual membership like a private golf club.

We are a pay and play public facility. Putting greens are ‘free’ at a Golf Club because you pay an annual membership at a Golf Club. We do not have ‘members’. Obviously our Driving Range and Putting Green cost money to maintain and golfers can pay to use either facility.

When you pay a greenfee to play our course you do not need to pay for the putting or chipping green.

Yes. We offer PGA Professional Coaching and an hour ‘on course’ with the Pro is £45. This can include all equipment if you do not have any. Other options are available for Juniors or for 1hr30mins. Visit our TUITION tab for more information.

Anyone playing our course needs to be sensible and cautious to the dangers of golf. So parents can decide if their children are likely to behave or not. 

Our Short Game Areas

Yes. We are a public facility and when you pay £3 you can use both the putting green (outside the shop) and the chipping green (near the golf course)

Yes. If you do not have your own putters and balls, Adult putter hire is £2.50 and under 16’s putter hire is £1.50. Each player can borrow a ball from the shop.

That’s because we are not a Golf Club. No body here has paid a yearly subscription like they do when they are a member of a Golf Club. Our greens are usually pretty awesome because our greenkeepers are very good at what they do. To uphold this standard we charge £3 per person.

The practice bunker is on the Driving Range (turn left when entering the range) You will need to purchase a bucket of range balls to use in the bunker area.

No. Our Driving Range balls are only to be hit on the Driving Range. Please use your own balls on the chipping and putting greens.

Yes you can but your children need to be of a sensible age whereby they do not damage the green or are likely to hurt anyone or themselves.

Golf Tuition

An Adult 1 Hour Golf Lesson is £49

An Adult 30 Minute Golf Lesson is £35

Under 16’s 1 Hour Golf Lesson is £35

Under 16’s 30 Minute Lesson is £25

Balls and Clubs are included in the Lesson Prices

7 days a week! Morning or night. We usually have at least 4 Professional Golf Coaches ready to help you improve!

Many ways to book. The quickest way would be to call the shop. 01444 258585.

Or you can click the TUITION > BOOK NOW Links which will take you to our Online Coaching diary whereby you can choose a date/time, type of lesson and choose a coach.

If you would like to communicate via email our email address is

Children's Golf Birthday Parties

We would ask that children arrive 15 mins prior to the start time and the party organisers a little earlier to meet the coach and go through any requirements that may be needed.

They will have plenty of fun & play games where prizes/sweets can be won.

We would ask that children bring suitable clothing and footwear, but the Driving Range is undercover should the weather be too bad.

No, all clubs and equipment are provided.

Yes, we can also personalise them and then email them across or provide hard copies for collection.

Not at all, you are welcome to stay and watch or drop them off and collect later.

Yes, all of our PGA Professionals have had experience in tailoring a party suitable for all abilities and circumstances.

They can cater for a party but they are a separate business, so will need to be organised with them directly.

Yes, we will be sitting down 15 minutes prior to the end of the party to serve cake and any refreshments you may have provided.

We do ask that parents are here 15 minutes before the end which ensures children are ready to be collected.

We run individual lessons or regular group sessions for Juniors on Saturday and Sunday mornings.