Lamkin R.E.L Ace Pink Golf Grip – Undersized

– £8.99 Per Grip
– Buy 8 and get 1 free
– Free Fitting
– While You Wait Service

– Vibration dampening
– Comfortable and far more resistant to degradation
– Dirt-resistant and longer-lasting surface tack
– Manufacturer Information:

– Pay At Drop Off

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The Lamkin R.E.L Ace Undersized Pink Golf Grip is made with Advanced Cohesive Elastomer that gives the grip a secure hold. 3GEN reduces unpleasant vibration while maintaining accurate shot feedback. Surface contact with a player’s hands is maximised because of its unique texture. The R.E.L. ACE line is designed for those who want to play without gloves. Increased ACE 3GEN material with anti-static and dirt-resistant additives for longer-lasting surface tack Vibration dampening technique developed by 3GEN is patented.