Teaching Aids Recommended by PGA Professionals at Burgess Hill Golf Centre

Don’t just buy any Golf swing training aids.. Our PGA Professional Golf Teachers have a combined 55 Years of experience with using and recommending Golf Swing aids. Here are the most popular and successful aids as recommended by Ryan Fitzgerald, Bruce Whalley and Bradley Feihn

Get The Right Impact Position

Impact Bag Golf Training Aid

“I use the Impact Bag quite regularly to get pupils to feel the correct angles at impact. The impact angles are also very similar to the initial set up angles. A little practice just with the Impact Bag at home in a garden can improve your golf considerably without even hitting balls.”
Lea Cooper PGA Teaching/Playing Professional
Watch Lea’s Instructional Video Using The Impact Bag Here >

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‘The Secret’ for Correct Wrist Angles

The Secret Golf Training Aid

“The grip and resulting wrist angles is closely related to the clubface angles. I recommend ‘The Secret’ alot of the time. The Secret gives everyone a clear feeling and understanding of good strong wrist angles for powerful ball striking ”
David Massey PGA Teaching/Playing Professional
Watch David’s Demonstrational Video Here >

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The Perfect Grip in an Instant

Moulded Grip Golf Training Aid

“Getting the grip right can be a tricky business and if you are thinking about getting your swing right i recommend having an old club with a Moulded Training grip. That way you are assured your grip is perfect straight away”
Bruce Whalley PGA Teaching/Playing Professional
Watch Bruce’s Instructional Video with the Moulded Grip Here >

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Pilates Ring for The Correct Lower Body Turn

Pilates Ring

“The Lower body (hips, knees, feet) need to turn in the correct direction which has a signifcant effect on how the upper body turns. If you slice any of your shots this is an instant fix if instructed correctly.”

Ryan Fitzgerald PGA Teaching/Playing Professional
Watch Ryan’s Demonstration using The Pilates Ring >

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Perfect Putting Mirror

21 Inch Putting Mirror

“You here commentators on TV talk of ‘a good stroke’ when the Tour Players putt. You can only truely put a good stroke on your putts if you achieve the fundamental element of aiming in the right direction! This Putting mirror can eliminate doubts about your alignment and allow you to focus on your putting motion”
Bradley Feihn PGA Teaching Professional
Watch a Demonstration with The Putting Mirror >

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Alignment/Tour Sticks

Tour Sticks Teaching Aid

“This aid has multiple purposes. On the practice ground place a stick between your feet and the target line to represent your hand line to improve the start of your backswing. Also has great use on the putting green to show you perfect line and pace of a breaking putt”

David Massey PGA Teaching Professional
Watch David’s Demonstration using the Tour Sticks >

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