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Wilson Triad

– High Moment of Inertia Design
– Thin Cast Urethane Cover
– Tri-Balanced Construction
– Tour-Level Performance
– 1 Dozen Golf Balls
– Standard Shipping


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High Moment of Inertia Design
The High MOI design precisely moves weight from the rubber core to the inner thermoplastic layer to increase MOI levels and to achieve a better balance. It delivers higher ball speed at impact with low driver spin to ensure long stable ball flight to hit more fairways in regulation play.
Thin Cast Urethane Cover
It features Wilson`s thinnest ever cast urethane cover that provides high friction. The cover engages with your mid-to-low irons for more control and spin, giving you more confidence to attack the pin.
Tri-Balanced Construction
This type of construction perfectly balances the layers to improve accuracy and to ensure straighter putts. It uniforms the density of the 3 layers to eliminate heavy spots from the core to the mantle, and cover of the golf ball.

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