Superstroke Wrist Lock – Lime

– £30.00 Per Grip
– Buy 8 and get 1 free
– Free Fitting
– While You Wait Service

– ‘Locks’ the players wrist into the grip, preventing any unwanted motion
– Greater consistency for controlling the putter face
– Patented No Taper Technology creates even grip pressure for a consistent stroke
– Strategically designed TRAXION zones on the tacky polyurethane outer layer offers an amazing comfortable feel leading to greater putting confidence
– Advanced Spyne technology is specifically engineered to aid in repeatable hand positioning

– Pay At Drop Off

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This Superstroke grip has a stylish and modern design which is engineered to work with the fast-growing claw style putting stroke. Allowing the golfer to play to your full potential by stopping your hand from slipping or moving on that intense shot.