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Cobra Ultralight Pro Plus Stand Bag

– Lightweight, only 5lbs.
– 9 different pockets including a velour-lined  valuables pocket.
– Oversized Insulated Pocket
– New Stable Leg Design
– New Easy Flex Base
– 9 Pockets
– 5 Lbs




Cobra golf has released the Ultralight Pro+ stand bag so that golfers can easily walk a full 18 holes of golf with a golf bag that offers plenty of storage and stability on the golf course.

Weighing only 5lbs this lightweight bag can barely be felt as you walk around the golf course, however, that doesn’t mean that your clubs are being stored in a bag that doesn’t offer any protection. Cobra has looked paid a lot of attention to the stability of this golf bag to make sure that it cannot be easily knocked over or blown over on especially windy days on the golf course.

A new easy flex base was the first addition to this golf bag to provide much better contact between the bag and the surface that it is resting on to create much more stability and traction. The second adjustment was the position of the bag’s centre of gravity when the legs of the bag are folded out. By lowering the centre of gravity of the bag, it is now a much more stable structure when placed on the ground.

This stand bag also provides plenty of space for storage with nine different pockets that include a velour-lined range finder pocket as well as a valuables pocket to keep your personal belongings safe while on the course.


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