Callaway Supersoft


– 1 Dozen Golf Balls

– 2019

– Standard Shipping

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Super long, Super straight and Super soft. The all new developed Supersoft  golf ball a combination of new ultra-low compression, softer Tri-­ionomer™ cover and premium HEX aerodynamics provide maximum straight distance and incredibly soft feel.

The Supersoft Ball Pack Features:

  • Softer Tri-­ionomer™ Cover
  • Premium HEX Aerodynamics
  • Ultra-­Low Compression Core
  • Long Straight Ball Flight Trajectory
This super long golf ball features a new developed ultra-low compression core that delivers maximum ball speed with reduced spin for longer distance. The super low spin is also the catalyst for incredibly straight distance. Add this amazing soft feeling golf ball to your game and you’ll soon be hitting it straighter and longer than ever.
HEX aerodynamics further enhance the golf ball by providing a more refined golf ball surface which will reduce drag, plus increases lift for greater carry distance. Plus a new softer Tri-­ionomer™ cover provides increased softness and feel, whilst providing more control on you wedge shots.