Burgess Hill Team Silver Medalists 2018!

The Golf Sixes League, a Golf Foundation project aiming to grow the game of junior golf, was a roaring success in the Sussex region in 2018.. Sussex Golf Clubs each gathered a squad of 12 of its potential golfing stars and played an interclub league competiton throughout the spring and summer.

After 12 fixtures, Cottesmore Golf Academy rose to the top with our very own Burgess Hill Golf Centre Juniors finishing a commendable 2nd place!


The GolfSixes Trophy

Feedback from last year’s GolfSixes League pilot project which featured six regional leagues was highly positive. Some 80% of kids wanted to play more golf after GolfSixes and 61% said they “loved golf”. Some 90% of events featured supportive Mums and Dads, including volunteer roles. There was a 65% increase in affiliated membership (73 members at the start, 121 at the end).

Burgess Hill Golf Centre Team Manager Bruce Whalley was pleased with the Burgess Hill’s Team performance..

” This interclub competition has proved to be a real hit amongst all the juniors that took part. It was great to watch the fixtures to see the juniors focusing on their game and exercising sportsmanship towards fellow players. Also GolfSixes is a fantastic opportunity for parents to watch and support their children as they played. I have no doubt GolfSixes will include more clubs and teams next year “ 

Pictures from GolfSixes 2018

The GolfSixes Kit!

One of the Burgess Hill Teams of 6

A GolfSixes Briefing!

Parents aka Caddies!

Burgess Hill Player in action!

Learning Sportsmanship!

Award for Outstanding Effort..

WILLIAM DENYER and his Dad, MARTIN DENYER received The Golf Foundation, Skills for Life Trophy. The GolfSIXES League exercised the players concentration and organisation. Congratulations to this pairing!! Also, as Runners up in the League all 12 players in the squad this year have won a Silver Medal.

Akira Kennedy 
William Denyer 
Casey Bell 
Josh Greenhalgh 
Ollie Goldstein 
Ollie Wilmot 
Ethan Wilmot 
Teddy Wood 
Kai Birchley 
Max Thomas 
Oscar Clitheroe 
James Robinson